Our Work


Boys Lead is proud to offer a range of impactful programs and campaigns that address the unique needs and challenges boys and young men face. Here’s a glimpse of the work we currently do across the communities we serve:


Our mentoring program pairs boys and young men with caring adult mentors who provide guidance, support, and encouragement. Through regular one-on-one meetings and group activities, we foster positive relationships and promote personal growth.

Boys Club (Schools and Community)

Boys Club provides a safe and inclusive space where boys and young men can connect, engage in meaningful activities, and build essential life skills. Through workshops, discussions, and recreational activities, we promote self-confidence, teamwork, and personal development.

Help Me Cross

Help Me Cross is an educational and vocational scholarship program designed to support boys and young men in pursuing higher education and vocational training. We provide financial assistance, mentorship, and resources to help them overcome barriers and achieve their educational and career goals.

Juvenile Support Programs

Our Juvenile Support Programs aim to empower boys involved with the juvenile justice system by providing mentorship, counseling, and educational opportunities. We focus on rehabilitation, skills development, and fostering a sense of responsibility and positive citizenship.

Boys in Tech Summit (BYTES)

The Boys in Tech Summit (BYTES) is an annual event that brings together boys and young men interested in technology and STEM fields. Through workshops, presentations, and networking opportunities, we inspire their interest in tech, equip them with digital skills, and encourage their pursuit of tech-related careers.


Boypreneur is an initiative that encourages boys and young men to develop entrepreneurial skills and explore business ventures. Through workshops, business coaching, and mentorship, we nurture their entrepreneurial spirit and empower them to create their own opportunities.

Monthly Campaigns on Boys-Based Issues

We run monthly campaigns that focus on raising awareness and addressing specific issues that boys and young men face. These campaigns cover a wide range of topics, including mental health, bullying, gender stereotypes, healthy relationships, and more. Through educational resources, workshops, and community outreach, we strive to create positive change.



This is a perfect training for community leaders, who are looking to protect boys/ young people from bullying. Our training / workshop is perfect for teachers, administrators, health care workers, and not for profit leaders and parents. From Understanding the tactics of today to understanding the laws that govern the protection of our children. We run an annual campaign against bullying “BE AN UPSTANDER!”