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CEO’s Message

Owolabi Williams

I would like to take a moment to share a bit about my background and why I am thrilled to serve as the organization’s inaugural leader. I’ve spent my entire career nurturing, motivating and empowering young people globally. Now, as the executive director, I can serve educators, families and friends of boys and men across the globe. We are ambitious because we are hopeful!

I witnessed and experienced many of the challenges and tragedies that boys often face in our culture. Staying focused was never easy, but I had a few angels along the way, including teachers and administrators who chose to go beyond their job description to ensure at least one young man it to the next level. I am forever grateful.

I went to High school in a place where every other student are boys and we do everything expected of boys, we model our lives with everything we see on the streets and neighbourhood. We never had positive influences we can talk to imbibe positive moral values.

I started working relentlessly with young people for purpose discovery. I began my mentoring career at Leadership Development Organization (Non- Governmental Organization) Babatunde Ashaye as the President, for 5 years educating young people on pre-marital sex and leadership, my goal was to have an opportunity to mentor and train young boys. I worked with Foundation of Truth Assembly, served in the YOUTH ministry and anchored different YOUTH programmes, mentored young men during my time in service.

I relocated to the United States and worked in the correctional facility as an officer, I worked with the Young Offenders in a male facility and mostly on visitation days, mothers, sisters and girlfriend come to visit sons, brothers and friend, we only see few men. I once asked one of the offenders “where are your father’s and brothers” his response “That is the reason why we are here, we do not have men we look up to”. I made several enquiries and got similar responses.

In November 2016, I resigned from the job and started a non-profit for the development of boys and designed a mentoring that will help boys overcome boyhood challenges and become a man of dreams.

As a father of two young boys, I have become increasingly aware of the unique challenges our parents and children face today. Boys, in particular, are under-performing, disengaging, and falling behind in all aspects of life.

I encourage you to contact us if you would like to contribute, learn more about the ways in which we help create systemic change in your organization or community.

We can make boys heroes without making them go through the prisons for corrections.