Boypreneur Pitch

Our Mission: Uplifting 50,000 Lives by 2030

With Boypreneur, our mission is clear: to uplift the lives of 50,000 boys and young men by the year 2030. Through comprehensive training, mentorship, and support, we aim to equip them with the tools they need to thrive in the fields of agriculture, vocational trades, and technology.

Empowering Boys with Skills and Opportunities.

Boypreneur focuses on three key areas:


We recognize the immense potential of agriculture as a means of sustainable livelihood and food security. Boys participating in Boypreneur will learn practical skills in farming, horticulture, agribusiness, and sustainable agricultural practices. They will develop a deep understanding of the agricultural value chain, empowering them to make a positive impact in their communities.

Vocational Trades

Boypreneur equips boys with valuable vocational skills, preparing them for careers in various trades such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, automotive repair, and more. Through hands-on training and apprenticeships, they will gain practical experience, opening doors to sustainable employment and entrepreneurship.


In today’s digital age, technological skills are essential for success. Boypreneur provides boys with access to cutting-edge technology training, including coding, web development, robotics, and digital literacy. By honing their tech skills, boys will be well-prepared for the jobs of the future and can actively contribute to the digital transformation.

Boypreneur Pitch: Celebrating Young Entrepreneurs

Welcome to the Boypreneur Pitch page, where we celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of boys and young men. This platform serves as a stage for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas and business acumen. Today, we are excited to feature the inspiring journey of Emmanuel Ekom, the winner of the last edition of the Boypreneur Pitch.

Emmanuel’s Winning Idea: Ingenious Languages

Emmanuel Ekom, an exceptional young entrepreneur from Britarch Schools, captivated the judges with his ingenious language learning app, Ingenious Languages. Recognizing the growing need for accessible language learning tools, Emmanuel developed a mobile application that offers interactive and engaging language lessons for individuals of all ages and proficiency levels.
With Ingenious Languages, users embark on a journey of language acquisition, unlocking their full linguistic potential. The app incorporates gamified learning techniques, personalized lesson plans, and real-time feedback to make the language learning process enjoyable and effective. Innovative features such as speech recognition, vocabulary building exercises, and cultural immersion modules bring a new dimension to language education.
Since winning the Boypreneur Pitch, Emmanuel has dedicated his efforts to refining and expanding Ingenious Languages. Collaborating with language experts and tech professionals, he successfully launched the app in multiple markets, garnering enthusiastic feedback from users worldwide. Emmanuel’s vision of breaking down language barriers and promoting global communication has become a reality, positively impacting the lives of language learners across the globe.

Join the Boypreneur Pitch

The Boypreneur Pitch is not just a competition; it’s a platform that empowers boys and young men to unleash their entrepreneurial potential. We invite all aspiring young entrepreneurs to participate in this exciting opportunity. By joining the Boypreneur Pitch, you’ll have a chance to showcase your innovative ideas, receive valuable feedback from industry experts, and gain exposure to a wide network of mentors and investors.
Whether your business idea focuses on agriculture, technology, social impact, sustainability, or any other field, the Boypreneur Pitch provides the support and recognition you need to take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level.