I Have a Dream, Help Me Cross!


Imagine the world through the eyes of a young boy in Africa, full of dreams yet hindered by a lack of resources.

What if we told you that with just $15 a month, you could be the bridge to his dreams.

Countless young boys across Africa are out of school, yearning for a chance to learn and grow.

This is where you step in. Join our mission to empower underprivileged 1,000 boys and young men with the gift of education and skill development.

Why Subscribe to Change?


Your monthly contribution helps boys access quality education, textbooks, and learning materials.


You’re empowering these young minds to reach their full potential and become future leaders.

Skill Development

For those who can’t afford formal education, your support funds apprenticeships and vocational training.

Community Impact

Together, we can break the cycle of poverty and create a brighter future for our boys.

How It Works

  • Monthly: $15
  • Quarterly: $45
  • Biannual: $75
  • Annual: $150

How To Give

  • Nigeria: Ecobank 1690000144 Boys Lead Foundation

Your small step is a giant leap for a young boy’s future. Empathy drives us, education
empowers us, and we can make a real difference together!

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