our values

Boys are profoundly impacted by the policies and initiatives affecting their communities,
Boys Lead Foundation brings boys to the table to institutionalize their voice in our programs and initiatives.

A wellspring of fresh perspectives and ideas, allows for BYMOC to often see new ways of bringing solutions to existing problems and challenges, BLF strategy encourages students to identify and implement their own solutions to the various issues.

No one can do it alone!
Through relationship and coalition building, we connect with individuals, organizations, and others who believe in the cause of BYMOC to power our collective movements with the brilliance, resourcefulness, and wisdom of our partners.

We appreciate the myriad contributions of our volunteers, and recognize “The power of thank you” and of giving back. We seek to promote and encourage service among all of our stakeholders. We recognize and value the positive accomplishments that volunteers can achieve by working together, we believe that our programs positively impact volunteers as much as the youth and communities we serve.

We demonstrate our appreciation of people by being kind and empathetic.

We are ready to take purposeful yet bold and daring steps to achieve our goals.